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Creative writing course for teenagers

Creative writing course for teenagers

by Cathy Hayward -
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Do you know a secondary school student with a passion for creative writing?  This summer we're running a week-long course for young adult writers to help them to understand the craft of writing. 

The tutor for the week will be the award-winning writer Beth Miller, the author of six novels including the bestselling The Missing Letters of Mrs Bright. She will help our students  to develop their characters, plot and setting, hone their voice, story structure and editing skills so that by the end of the week they will have a finished short story or the start of a longer piece of work.

This course runs from 10.30pm-4.30pm Monday to Friday from 29th July to 2nd August, with an hour for lunch, and is aimed at young adults aged 11-16 (years 7-11). It’s based at the Friends Meeting House in Brighton. 

All the details are on our Eventbrite page. Please do share with anyone you think may be interested.

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