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Notes on Editing your Profile and on File Compatibility

Notes on Editing your Profile and on File Compatibility

by Mark Slater -
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Dear All

It would be great if you could all make sure you have logged on to the sight and added information to your profiles and a picture so everyone can get to know each other.


You can do this by going into your course page and then clicking on the my profile settings in the Administration box (in the left hand column). Then click on edit profile.

You can change your town and country etc. (But, please don’t change other settings unless you are confident that you know what you are doing).

In the User Picture box you can upload a picture of yourself that will appear as your identity icon on the web pages. This is done in pretty much the same way as you would upload a file. You can either drag and drop an image into the box or click on ‘add’ and choose the file from your computer. Then click ‘Upload this file’. You can also add extra info in the Interests and Optional boxes. But please be aware that this information will be available to other people in your group.


Finally, a tip on uploading files. You will need to do this during the course to share work and send work to your tutor.  We all have different computers at home (Macs, PCs etc), which run different systems (Word etc). When you are uploading files to the Writers' Forum on your Course Page, try to make sure they are compatible (There is often an option when you save a file to make it compatible). The most compatible files are .doc files, PDF files and .rtf files.


To upload files. Go into the Writers' Forum, click on Add a Topic, Fill in the Subject and Message block to add a description if you wish, then scroll down to where you will find the uploading a text option. It is the same procedure as for the image. When you have uploaded or dragged and dropped your text, remember to click the ‘Post to Forum’ button at the bottom of the page!


All best